الإثنين 02 اغسطس 2021 الساعة 12:29 م

وكالة غزة الآن الإخبارية

Hours on the Gaza border "zero hour" after the failure to reach a truce

حجم الخط

Hours of separation after the Israeli occupation attempt to evade his responsibilities towards Gaza and not to abide by the previous truce.

The Jewish site said Thursday evening that the understandings between Hamas and Israel over the lull had failed. 

"Israel is trying to reach understandings with Hamas brokered by Egypt to calm the border, and so far these contacts, which rely on several security agencies, have not been successful," said the Hebrew television.

Added was:  " In order to advance the pacification efforts, the UN Middle East envoy Nikolai Mladenov also met with senior Egyptian officials to re-establish the agreement.

The Egyptian intelligence delegation returned to the Gaza Strip on Thursday to complete meetings with the Hamas leadership.