الإثنين 02 اغسطس 2021 الساعة 01:14 م

وكالة غزة الآن الإخبارية

Two Palestinians were killed and two Israeli soldiers were wounded west of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank

حجم الخط

Israeli sources confirmed the death of two young men and the arrest of a third after he was wounded near the village of Kafr Naama west of Ramallah, pointing to the injury of two Israeli soldiers.

In the details, the website "0404" Hebrew claimed that three young men attacked an army force of the occupation army on the ground, killing two people and wounding three before his arrest.

In the same definition, the "Wala al-Ibri" website claimed that soldiers from the occupation army were surprised

On the other hand, the tribe of Abdin was strengthened in the village of Nimeh by him.