الإثنين 02 اغسطس 2021 الساعة 12:01 م

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Video: Thousands of Palestinians receive the four kidnapped in Gaza

حجم الخط

The kidnappers of the four young men are: Abdullah Abu al-Jubayn, Abdel-Dayem Abu Libda, Hussein al-Zubdeh and Yasser Zanoun, in addition to four others. They were released by the Egyptian authorities after being kidnapped for many years on Thursday.

The Gaza News Agency learned now that the release came after the intervention of the leadership of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, headed by the movement's President Dr. Ismail Haniyeh.

The sources confirmed to "Gaza now" that the kidnappers arrived at the Rafah crossing on the Egyptian side accompanied by Hamas leader Rawhi Mashtahi on their way to enter the land of Palestine.

They were greeted by the leadership of Hamas, headed by Dr. Ismail Haniyeh, "Abu Abed" after his efforts, which culminated in the success in addition to the specter of the Palestinian people and the military apparatus of the Palestinian resistance.

The Egyptian authorities kidnapped the four young men while traveling from Gaza through the Rafah crossing to Turkey.